Logo della Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo

The big project of the Foundation


The Foundation was established in 2013 by Maurizio Fragiacomo. The purpose of the Foundation is to pursue social solidarity goals in the following areas:

Charity and healthcare for children in need and victim of social and economic hardship:


Child protection, promotion of Children’s Rights both nationally and internationally, promotion and encouragement of education and vocational training for children and adolescents.

Promotion of culture, education, environmental protection; protection and promotion of items of artistic and historical interest:


Protection and preservation of cultural heritage to maintain historical knowledge of the national communities and territories; promoting the development, spread and use of culture in society as well as education in the community in defense of the artistic, architectural and natural heritage.

Protection and conservation of nature and the environment:


Preservation of ecological processes, natural resources and energy, genetic diversity and endangered species; promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly use of natural resources.



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